Yi 'an yunhai helps the magnesium dream of new energy vehicle weight reduction project come true


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On November 19, chaohu yi 'an yunhai technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as yi 'an yunhai) announced the launch of the 4200T battery pack tray project, and customer representatives of BYD(BYD), Geely(Geely), GM(GM), LG group and other well-known enterprises in the field of new energy automobile industry were invited to attend the project launch conference.

Lightweight new energy vehicles have become the key to the world's carmakers' latest core competitiveness after vw announced it would invest more than 20bn euros in zero-emission vehicles by 2030 and produce 3m electric cars a year by 2025. Influenced by the demand changes and development strategies of automobile main engine plants around the world, two leading enterprises in the battery industry have carried out global industrial chain layout one after another.

LG chem will open Europe's largest electric-car battery plant in wroclaw, Poland, this year, with an investment of $1.63 billion, 190 kilometers from the German border, according to early information. LG has made the deployment, not only with the BMW group signed a 1 billion euro battery orders after July this year, ningde era, founder and chairman of yu-qun zeng and the German ministry of economic affairs minister Wolfgang of thuringia tiffin jersey signed built in the lithium battery factory and intelligent manufacturing technology research and development center of the investment agreement, ningde era will invest 240 million euros, factory area of 80 hectares, is expected to begin in 2021, this is by far the largest production-oriented greenfield investment project in investment amount. The production base will be built in two phases, mainly engaged in the research and development and production of lithium ion batteries. It is planned to be put into production in 2021, and the capacity of 14Gwh will be formed after the completion of 2022. According to the on-site interview, representatives of LG, ningde times and other enterprises expressed that they are optimistic about the potential and development prospect of magnesium alloy materials in application and hope to further develop new product applications through cooperation to create a win-win situation.

Follow the current direction, the big trend in the development of new energy vehicles, should be combined with their own advantages constantly AnYun sea core parts and components industry chain layout optimization of new energy vehicles, and grasp the market opportunities, continue to develop to strengthen appropriate AnYun sea Shang Tie in conference chairman, said the battery pack tray project application, for domestic large precision die casting the first on the application of new energy vehicles.

The second 4200T Italian Della die casting machine of yi 'an yunhai will be in place in January 2019. At that time, yi 'an yunhai will become the only enterprise with two 4200T large-scale precision die casting equipment in China, and its annual production capacity is expected to reach 380,000 yuan. Annual revenue exceeds 1 billion. With the development and cooperation of internationally renowned battery factory enterprises, the company promotes the development of domestic and even global automobile lightweight through market forces.