Magnesium alloy demand of automobile industry reaches 1.5 million ~2 million tons


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Why develop automotive magnesium alloys?

"Because the world is rich in magnesium resources, China has proven recoverable dolomite magnesium ore more than 20 billion tons, magnesite more than 3 billion tons, salt lake magnesium chloride reserves of 4 billion tons, accounting for more than 70% of the world's coal resources. "Said pan fusheng, an academician at the Chinese academy of engineering and a professor at chongqing university.

He also said that magnesium alloy has a very good performance potential, has a great application prospect in the field of transportation, and has great potential for energy conservation and emission reduction.

On November 7th, the academician BBS of "automobile power and independent innovation" was held in Shanghai. Pan fusheng's keynote speech on "current situation and future of magnesium alloy for automotive use" drew great attention from the guests.

Pan fusheng stressed that the high specific strength of magnesium alloy is significantly higher than that of aluminum alloy and steel, which can reduce the weight of the car, good shock absorption performance can achieve shock reduction and noise reduction of the car, and has the characteristics of shielding electromagnetic radiation. At the same time, the elastic modulus of magnesium alloy is similar to that of bone material, which can be degraded and recycled 100%.

Pan fusheng believes that magnesium alloy can be used in all kinds of automotive parts, and there is a higher demand for hub.

At the same time, pan fusheng also pointed out that magnesium alloy plastic poor, poor corrosion resistance, processing and forming difficult. Strength and plasticity of magnesium alloy are contradictory, so the balance optimization of strength and plasticity is an urgent problem to be solved.

Fu-sheng pan introduces, at present, with high strength, high plasticity, high flame retardant, high damping as a target for magnesium alloy technology research, "through the research, we conclude some way to improve the plasticity of magnesium alloy, including solid solution strengthening plasticizing, long range order phase regulation, the primary compound refining, improving purity, grain refinement, etc."

It is reported that, in the automotive field, magnesium alloy has been used in steering wheel bracket, display bracket, air conditioning bracket and other dozens of parts, the future target of magnesium alloy per cycle is 30-100kg; In the motorcycle market, magnesium alloy hub, cylinder block, top cover and other parts have been developed and applied. The amount of magnesium alloy used for a single bike is about 3-10kg. In the field of rail transit, magnesium alloy has been applied to side wall profile, vertical and horizontal beam, upper table and other components. Magnesium alloy has been applied to the scale of high-speed rail, subway and light rail.

China's magnesium alloy consumption has increased from more than 3,000 tons at the beginning of this century to 140,000 tons in 2016, pan said. In the next 5-10 years, new breakthroughs will be made in the performance of magnesium alloys, including the development of high-strength and high-plastic deformation magnesium alloys, the development of low-cost high-strength and high-plastic magnesium alloys, and the development of low-cost and high-performance casting magnesium alloys. In the future, the demand for magnesium alloy in automobile industry will reach 1.5-2 million tons.