Ministry of industry and information technology: support the healthy development of non-ferrous metal private enterprises


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A few days ago, the ministry of industry and information technology (mii) and the ministry of industry and information technology (mii) jointly organized a symposium on private enterprises in the nonferrous metal industry with the China nonferrous metal industry association to hear the difficulties, prominent problems and policy Suggestions that private enterprises in the nonferrous metal industry have encountered in their development. Hailiang group, yidian holding group, shaanxi dongling group and other 7 backbone non-ferrous metal private enterprise leaders attended the meeting and spoke.

Participating enterprises, said recently, non-ferrous metal, private enterprises because of loan financing, strengthen environmental constraints, rising raw material costs and other factors encountered some practical difficulties, but under the party and national attention and care, especially on November 1, xi jinping, general secretary hosting a private enterprises forum and delivered an important speech, further strengthened the non-ferrous metal confidence in the development of private enterprises, said to do fine do business, bigger and stronger industry, at the same time, want the country from the aspects of industry development of non-ferrous metal to give support and guidance to targeted development of private enterprises.

Next, ministry of industry and industrial raw materials department will carefully study the relevant policy recommendations, from non-ferrous metal fusion by state-owned enterprises and private enterprises are encouraged to develop strategic mineral resource cooperation development, support, and the key technology introduction, give play to the role of private enterprise innovation main body and guide the enterprises to strengthen the construction of their own and other aspects, to support private enterprises healthy development of the non-ferrous metal.