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Magnesium alloy material application research and development technology center


Magnesium alloy material application research and development technology center

The center is supported by hebi weidake sunda electric appliance co., LTD., and has established industry-university-research integration cooperation with nanjing university of technology and xi 'an university of technology. The center's pilot test and industrialization core base has die casting, extrusion, equipment manufacturing and other industrial equipment, has a number of magnesium alloy industrialization production lines.

Production equipment

Now has all kinds of production equipment, testing equipment more than 100, including 19 sets of CNC machining center, electric assembly line 5, micro-arc oxidation, electrophoresis production line 1, the shear stamping production line 1, high vacuum evaporation bismuth, selenium evaporation high vacuum machine, air impact machine, rotary kiln and furnace, capacitor can assign special equipment, such as direction, measurement, surge suppressor, selenium rectifier production line 2

The main members of

The center takes a doctor as the technical leader and 26 senior and middle-level professional technical personnel and management personnel as the backbone, and forms an integration mode of production, education and research with nanjing university of technology and xi 'an university of science and technology as the cross-regional alliance.

The research field

1. Application basis and new materials of magnesium alloy:

The main research contents include structural properties characterization of magnesium alloy materials, mechanism of material toughening and plastic deformation, deformation process analysis of plastic processing, research and development of high-strength, high-plastic, heat-resistant and ultra-light magnesium alloy materials and magnesium based functional materials, solidification process simulation, basic database construction of magnesium alloy, etc. In magnesium alloy toughening theory, plastic deformation mechanism of high formability, heat resistance mechanism and other applied basic research, magnesium alloy basic database construction and other aspects have strong strength.

2. Melting and casting technology of magnesium alloy:

The research contents include melt refining and metamorphism of magnesium alloy, refining of deformed magnesium alloy blank, die casting technology of magnesium alloy, extrusion casting technology, strip continuous casting technology, comprehensive disposal and utilization technology of waste. The new production technology of die casting and extrusion casting, which is mainly researched and developed, is applied to the parts of new energy automobile and motorcycle, and realizes large-scale production.

3. Plastic forming of magnesium alloy and processing technology of plate profile:

Research and development of magnesium alloy plate rolling technology, magnesium alloy plate extrusion - rolling technology, magnesium alloy profile extrusion processing technology, related die technology. Breakthrough and master a number of key technologies such as on-line temperature control rolling of magnesium alloy sheet and rolling of endless crack, streamline working belt design of rapid extrusion die of magnesium alloy profile and rapid temperature adjustment of large section die. Provide high-quality battery packs for new energy vehicles; The developed plates and profiles have been used for luxury passenger cars.

4. Application technology of magnesium alloy products:

With automobile and motorcycle as the main application targets, the integrated application technology system of magnesium alloy products with independent intellectual property rights has been formed, and the technical platform for the research and development of magnesium alloy die-casting products has been established. Magnesium alloy gearbox housing, crankcase housing, steering wheel framework, hub and other components products were developed, as well as magnesium alloy samples of laptop and mobile phone housing. For 3C products, magnesium alloy plate stamping technology and related equipment technology were developed. Research and development of magnesium alloy grinding and coating surface treatment technology.

In 2017, the company was recognized by the ministry of science and technology, ministry of finance and state administration of taxation as a high-tech enterprise in henan province and issued a high-tech enterprise certificate. The company has established the quality management system and obtained the GB/ t19001-2016 "quality management system" certification certificate, the company has established the environmental management system and obtained the GB/ t14001-2015 "environmental management system" certification certificate and the safety management system certification certificate. In 2017, the company applied for 18 patent projects, the state intellectual property office approved 13 utility model patents, issued certificates, and 4 invention patents are expected to be obtained in August 2019. In 2018, the company applied for 19 patent projects, and the state intellectual property office has accepted 8 of them and issued a notice of acceptance.

Industrial development and application results

The establishment and operation of magnesium alloy material application research and development technology center greatly promoted the development of magnesium industry in hebi city and directly contributed to the establishment of magnesium alloy enterprises.

Through the combination of "production, learning, research and application", the company has jointly developed a variety of magnesium alloy products such as automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, manual tools, various extruded profiles, plates, military industrial parts and production equipment with the cooperative units. The loading quantity of magnesium alloy parts and magnesium quantity for single vehicle are among the top in hebi city

Through technical service and project cooperation, the center has established close cooperative relations with many magnesium and magnesium alloy production and application enterprises, such as Ming magnesium technology co., LTD.


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