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Shenzhen kit optoelectronic new material technology co., LTD


Shenzhen kit optoelectronic new material technology co., LTD

The company is committed to magnesium alloy display box, secondary optics, heat dissipation mechanism, three aspects of research and development, design and manufacturing. Focus on LED high-power energy-saving lighting commercial products research and development and application, we will have more and better efficient and energy-saving LED new lighting products launched in the market. Company will continuously improve enterprise core competitive ability, have excellent sales team and professional engineering team, quality comprehensive QC system, test data is reliable, the service follow up fine, lighting engineering companies and dealers as the main customers, to undertake major lighting brand OEM business, strive for with their own characteristics in the field of semiconductor lighting continuously expand their business, increase brand awareness, to specialized products and services and expand the stable customer resources, finally realizes the social value of the company shall be. The company adheres to the concept of high-tech, do simple and delicate design, for more customers to choose quality.

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Shenzhen kit optoelectronic new material technology co., LTD




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